Granite Mountain – Washington
Granite Mountain - Washington - 1/26/14
Birthday Run – 11/16/13
Birthday Run 11/16/13
Mount Si – 4/13/14
At the top of Haystack Rock - 4/13/14
Lunch On Mount Si – 4/13/14
Lunch at the top of Mount Si - 4/13/14
Camp Muir Climb
Loaded up for the climb to Camp Muir - 7/11/14

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This blog will most likely end up being a documentary of my life in one form or another. I find myself writing about things I do, things I see, things I care about, and things that piss me off. When I write about things that piss me off, I will almost always interject my opinion.

I can be opinionated at times, but I am not rude.

I have also found blogging to be therapeutic in many ways. When I look back on things I wrote, especially those involving feelings or life changes, I am often surprised to learn how far I've come, or what I've learned since then. It's really a cool experience that I guess you could equate to keeping a diary.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot - I used to be kind of fat. You can see just how fat over on my other blog - Ironman OR Bust Website

I genuinely hope that you find something you read here, or on my other blog, to be motivational, educational, or just entertaining.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask - maybe I'll write about it in my next blog post!

Chad aka Skrat

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