About Chad

About Chad

Whether it’s competing in an Iron Distance Triathlon (140.6 miles), running, or raising my son to be a great man – I have always had a desire to do things to the best of my ability.

My nickname has been Muskrat for over 20 years now – but people recently have shortened it to “Skrat”.  Most people don’t call me Skrat in person – only in emails and online forums.   I have always been a kind, caring, and compassionate person. I accept my flaws, but am always working to improve in areas I am not happy with, and become the man I want to be. I tend to over analyze things, and ask a lot of questions.  I like to understand how things work – or if I’m at work, what happens after I hit “go” on the computer.  I move past things (get over them) pretty quickly, quicker than most people I think.  I do not hold a grudge.  I have a good sense of humor, and would like to think I am funny.  I say inappropriate things from time to time, but people just come to expect that I guess.  I love almost all types of music, but favor Blues, Motown, and any singer with a soulful voice.  I just realized that while typing this “bio” of sorts – It sounds an aweful lot like a dating profile! Since I mentioned that – I am single (as of 1/31/14), and would love to meet an active, adventurous woman that shares my love for the mountains, travelling, fitness and adventure in general… OK – getting way to sidetracked here (something I do quite often) – moving on……

My Purpose

It took me 42 years, and a recent encounter with a new friend to realize that until I dedicated myself to helping a local charity with their cause, I did not really have a purpose in life (other than raising my son).

Now I have 2 purposes, and I am constantly doing a bit of soul searching looking for more.

  1. Raise my son to be a good, honest, kind, caring, compassionate young man with a natural curiosity for the world, and an appreciation for the wonders that are in it.
  2. Give back by doing meaningful work that will have an impact on this earth long after I am gone.

I have chosen a charity called “Orphans Africa” in part because one of their core values and beliefs is that “…development at the grass roots level empowers people to rise to their giftedness and break the cycle of poverty”  This organization builds schools for the orphans of Tanzania (currently estimated at 2.6 million) that would otherwise have almost zero chance at receiving an education.

I am starting a new running challenge to raise awareness and funds for Orphans Africa.    It is Called “Run Skrat Run” and you can read about it here.  I am raising $10,000 – and hoping to accomplish this in the next 120 days.  The challenge is to run 650 miles in 120 days.   The most I’ve ever done!

My Philosophy

Do what’s right and take responsibility for your actions.   You always have a choice.   Don’t live your life in fear.  These are just a few of the philosophy’s I try to live my life by.

I have always believed in doing the right thing.  Even when it’s difficult.  I believe that we always know the answer in our heads, but for some reason we don’t always listen to ourselves.  That reason is usually fear.  For example – people “know” when they should get out of a relationship – but they are afraid to be alone.  In all cases of moral dilemma – we always “know” the answer.  Why we choose the wrong thing is baffling to me.  Why people choose to do things that they know are not good for them puzzles me.

This is not to say that I’ve always been perfect – FAR FROM IT!  I’ve made mistakes in my life, but I don’t think of them as mistakes.  The first time – they are lessons.  If I do something a second time – then it was a mistake.

Explore, Learn & Explore some more

Travel is incredibly important to me, but unfortunately I’ve always made excuses for why I could not do more of it.  I’ve always wanted to backpack Europe – but I never did.  I’ve always wanted to explore the world and take in it’s beauty – but I never did.  Well – now I have  a plan to travel more, experience more.  I’m not talking a plan in my head – it’s a real plan, and it has been put into motion.  I have 3 trips planned in the next 2 years.  I will add more to the list.

Foreign Cultures –

I have always been fascinated by, and had a profound respect for both foreign languages and foreign cultures.  When I was in the Navy – I loved it when I visited another country.  Given the choice of staying at a swanky resort or sleeping on someones couch and discovering a wonder in a country that most tourists will never see – I’ll take the couch and the experiences every time.  That’s not saying that staying at a resort isn’t nice.  I’ve done that too, and had an amazing time. But in both cases where I stayed at a resort (Aruba and Cabo) – I’ve rented cars and driven out into the country side, gone to a local restaurant, and enjoyed the experience of meeting and learning from locals.  I like to see what life is really like in areas I visit.