I currently work in Advertising.  I work for a company called Hibu (pronounced HI BOO) in their Tacoma Office. They offer 21 different advertising products to their clients.

Update 8/18/14 – I was fired from Hibu on 7/24/14.  Don’t worry – this is not a bad thing.  Even though they were paying me great – I discovered that their Pay Per Click Campaigns were a total rip off to the small business owner.  In short – they charge ridiculous markups (that they don’t divulge to the clients, even though Google Requires them to do so), their PPC campaigns are very poorly ran (broad matched keywords eat up most of the budget), and they don’t share all available data with customers.  There was no way in hell I could sell for a company with such shitty morals.  If you want to read more about what I’m doing now (I’m back to being self employed) – check out my business websites.  Pro AD Insight – my website design site or Pay Per Click Truth – my blog about what a ripoff Hibu and other companies are.

I can help any small business with their internet presence – and if I can’t, I’ll tell you.  If you are a small business and are struggling with your website presence, check out my professional website and contact me.  If you have a great website, but need help advertising it – I’m your guy.

I don’t mean to sound cocky – but I’m good at what I do.  I’m really good!  Apples to Apples, you won’t find anyone that offers what I do for what I charge.

I also believe in transparency.  I setup all accounts in my clients’ name and then manage their accounts.  Most people that do Pay Per Click for business will setup the AdWords Account under the re-sellers name and then won’t let that business have access to all the information.  Why in the hell you would let someone do that with YOUR credit card and YOUR Account I will never know – but these companies do it all day long.  My motto is 100% transparency – 100% of the time.

When it comes to websites – I’m self taught.  I started out doing template based websites using site builder tools similar to those offered by Go Daddy, Network Solutions, and others.  I quickly developed a need for wanting to do things that the site builder tools wouldn’t let me do, so I started looking at the code files and figuring out how to change the code.  There were limitations to what GoDaddy and other sites would let me do to their code – so I started learning how to code websites myself.  Several years later, I now speak geek like HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PHP and more.   Someday’s it’s fun, Someday’s it’s frustrating, but the best part is the commute!