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My thoughts on climate change have always been a bit neutral. There are good arguments for & against the idea that it is caused by humans. I have seen evidence years ago that carbon dioxide itself is such a small portion of the greenhouse gases that are in the atmosphere that there is no way, even globally, that man is really affecting anything. One thing that I have never doubted is that THE EARTH IS WARMING. From what I’ve gathered, it seems that the bigger threat is methane gas deposits on the ocean floor.

That’s not saying man hasn’t had an influence in the matter. I think maybe human ingenuity and advancement has deposited a lot CO2 into the atmosphere. This extra CO2 has caused enough warming. This warming has melted some of the frozen methane deposits – and that methane release has warmed the planet even more. There is more than enough methane on the ocean floor today to cause runaway global warming.

Either way – the way I see it, the cause is irrelevant. If there is something we can do to stop global warming (or slow it down enough that we can come up with a solution) then we should do it.

The dumb part is that the solution (or at least only thing we can do on a mass scale) is right in front of us.  The solution is not in a small percentage of the population buying efficient light bulbs and recycling more.  The solution is not that we all run out and buy hybrid or electric cars (which I’ve read that the process to make the batteries and ultimately recycle / dispose of all the batteries that would be on the market if we all did buy electric cars, would actually leave a larger carbon footprint than just burning gasoline in the first place).  The solution is sustainable, renewable, energy.  But why is the US lacking far behind the rest of the world in implementing sustainable energy solutions?

My suspicion is money.  It always comes down to money.  If there was a way that the big oil companies could make MORE MONEY on sustainable energy than they currently make selling fossil fuel, you can bet your ass that the USA would be leading the way.  Had Big Oil companies been open to the transition from fossil burning fuel to sustainable, renewable energy 30 years ago – we would be so far ahead of where we are today.  Currently – these companies can’t make more money on renewable energy, so instead of embracing the future – these giant corporations fight the future.  They fight innovation, they fight progress, and they fight the fact that we are inevitably heading towards a future without them in it. Unless of course they change their way of thinking and get on board.  The ironic twist in this is that they are missing the boat because of their own action – or should I say inaction.

Maybe there is some common ground here.

As much as most “tree hugging hippie liberals” despise these mass corporations and their greed – there may be some common ground.  The Big Oil companies want to make money, and those concerned about the future want to see a switch to renewable energy.  If we can all put our heads together and come up with a way that big oil will not lose money by switching it’s efforts over to more sustainable solutions – progress could grow rapidly and maybe we could catch up with the rest of the world.

I admittedly haven’t been the always been the best shepherd for reducing greenhouse gases.  I am not intending to sit up here on my platform and preach like I live the perfect life.  I still use paper towels and I own a 95 Land Rover that gets 16 mpg on the freeway.  I only take the Rover out occasionally though, because I also own a little turbo diesel Jetta that get’s 43 mpg on the highway.   I’m guess I’m just venting a little bit and wondering why people can’t find common ground and work together.  If we don’t – it may cost us all in the end.

This is a great video, narrated by Leonardo Decaprio, on Global Warming (it inspired me to writethis post)

Written by Muskrat37

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