Run Skrat Run

650 Miles in 120 days!

650 miles is the distance between the 3 schools that Orphans Africa has built for the orphans of Tanzania. (see map below)

To put that into perspective – I ran 76 miles all of January. I will need to average 35.5 miles per week from 2/1/14 to 6/1/14 to achieve this goal.

Why am I doing this? To raise funds for Orphans Africa (96% of all funds raised go directly to the cause). T

Through a social media campaign that includes Twitter and Facebook – donors can follow my progress, encourage and support me, and help spread the word about this amazing organization and the work they do. Without them – hundreds of Orphans in Tanzania would have almost ZERO chance at an education. Empowering the orphans with education is seen as a key factor in helping to bring this country out of it’s poverty.

I have a goal of raising $10,000. If I can get just 175 people to like the Facebook page and pledge .10 cents cents per mile ($65 total donation over the next 4 months) – together we can accomplish this goal!

Will you pledge to donate .10 per mile for every mile I complete? Please “Like” the Facebook Page as a show of support – and “invite” all your friends to the page as well.

Thanks in advance for your help.

– Skrat

Click Here to see Days 1 – 3 on an overlay of the above map. (each pin represents a day of running)